Austin Premarital Counseling

Image courtesy of arztsamui at FreeDigitalPhotos.netYou’re planning your wedding, but are you planning your marriage?

Newly married couples face many challenges in their first year together. Now is the time to identify those areas of challenge and build the communication skills and understanding to have a lifetime of joy, intimacy and love! Make an appointment with either Daniel or Molly and start your marriage off on the right foot.

Want to commit to a few sessions?  Take advantage of our discounted Premarital Packages!

Package 1

Ideal for the couple with a strong relationship who want to make sure they have done everything they can do to build a solid foundation for their shared future. This package includes a comprehensive Prepare/Enrich relationship assessment, and five 50-minute sessions with a trained relationship counselor to help you develop and hone the skills and practices needed to make a relationship last a lifetime.  $395

Package 2

This package is best for those clients who have a fundamentally sound relationship, but can also identify a few potential challenges. This level includes the Prepare/Enrich assessment and eight 50-minute sessions to develop and implement a plan of action and build the skills and practices needed to create a supportive and loving partnership. This training package qualifies for a $60 credit toward your Texas Marriage License. $610

Package 3

This package is recommended for couples who recognize that there are significant issues to be addressed in their relationship. These concerns may include damaged trust, dissatisfaction in communication of love and respect, lasting hurts from escalated conflict, or challenges from a fundamental differences in personality or life philosophy. This level includes a comprehensive Gottman Method Assessment and twelve 50-minute sessions (or eight 80-minute sessions). Together, we will identify the inherent strengths of your relationship and capitalize on them to develop the skills and behaviors needed to alter damaging patterns. This training package also qualifies for a $60 credit toward your Texas Marriage License. $899

Purchasers of Premarital Relationship Packages are eligible for a discounted follow-up session to fine-tune or adjust action plans.

To schedule your sessions, or if you have any questions, please contact us.